These core values guide our choices; we built and obsessively embrace them at our firm

our values

Embracing and upholding our guiding core values

Belief in Founder

Backing our belief in founders, investments reflect profound trust. Aligned with their vision, we unwaveringly champion their journey.

Integrity in Excellence

Uplift quality, uphold honesty, and take responsibility for commitments made.

Meticulous Passion

Question with curiosity, explore the 'why,' and revel in the smallest intricacies.

Boundless Dedication

Push beyond limits to surpass expectations, serving founders and investors wholeheartedly.

Coaching Relationship

Embracing a coaching ethos, founders are akin to striving athletes. Our role: mentoring, guiding, and propelling them toward full potential.

Informed Learning

Seek wisdom from those experienced, leverage expertise to enhance decision-making.

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