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We love our craft and are passionate about entrepreneurship

As a close-knit and diverse team, we take pride in the rich tapestry of strengths, experiences, accomplishments, and even failures that each member brings to the table.

Our network advantage is driven by our collective entrepreneurial experience and the wealth of collaboration among founders who support one another.

Abhinav Gupta

Abhinav Gupta

Founder & CEo

An entrepreneur and investor, Abhinav has co-founded and sold two D2C brands (The Essential Goods and White Spindle) to established players. He is also a director of Ashnoor Textile Mills (BOM: 507872), company part of his family business where he led the growth and marketing and increased revenue from $15m to north of $60m in four years.

Now, Abhinav is the chief investment officer and founder of 535West, a mid-stage VC fund investing in companies that are driving positive change in the world. He has deployed capital in companies like Stonks, Pipe, Metamap, Upgrade, Petal and others.

Nitya Singh

Nitya Singh

Head - Investment & Strategy

Nitya leads Investment and Strategy at 535West. She established the Angellist Vertical, propelling the LP base from zero to a remarkable ~400 LPs. With a focus on early-stage startups, she drives day-to-day activities, sourcing and leading investment processes, especially for Indian opportunities. Nitya's approach involves rigorous testing, financial diligence, and hands-on product demos, reflecting her commitment to sound decision-making. Prior to 535West, she showcased her expertise at KPMG, managing strategy and operations for a large team alongside global partners. Having experience working with India’s prominent early-stage investor, Nitya's personal investments within her network further elevate her impact.

Arjun Dev Arora

Arjun Dev Arora

Venture Partner

Arjun is a Venture Partner at 535West and the Founder of Format One. He advises funds, startups, LPs, and Fortune 100 companies, drawing from his extensive experience in angel investing, institutional venture investment, and institutional LP involvement. Arjun specialises in supporting founders and fund managers with their capital intelligence needs (CIQ). Previously, he held roles at 500 Startups and Yahoo! and has been internationally recognized for his entrepreneurship and commitment to a values-centred organisation, including accolades from the White House and United Nations.

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